That Rare Book Guy

While we're on the topics of books, what is your favorite?  One of mine is Rev. Burnaby's Travels Through the Middle Settlements of North America in The Years 1759 and 1760, published in 1775. A wonderfully quick read that will open your eyes to the Revolutionary Period and what it was like to travel up and down the east coast of a soon ne'er to be British Colony. It's hard having so many great authors at your fingertips, as many of you know. Although I prefer non-fiction, I enjoy binges of classics such as Jules Verne;  Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, The Mysterious Island,Journey to The Center of The Earth before moving on to Orson Wells' 1984, and Animal Farm.  I'm on a Gabriel Garcia Marquez binge as of early 2017.

Why don't you let me know what your interests are, what you have been looking for, for yourself or for a gift, and I will keep an eye out for a nice early copy for you? There is absolutely no charge for me to do this, I do it anyways, you may as well benefit in some way. Besides, it's nice knowing fellow bibliophiles.

By the way...
did you realize that Jules Verne is the second most translated author in the world?

Behind only Agatha Christie. Who knew..!

Interested in Antiquarian and Rare, Leather and Vellum bound Books, That Rare Book Guy, Steven Martin, for years traveled the country searching for hidden treasures at estate sales, antique shows, auctions, and in attics...

He is now based out of Atlanta, Georgia.
Although I am no longer on the road from Beverly Hills to Baltimore, from Chicago to Cape Coral, I am still finding, researching, and offering important First Editions, Rare Manuscripts, Fore-Edge Paintings and Extremely Limited Edition Volumes of Authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Winston Churchill, Clive Barker, among hundreds of others.